Our Services
We extend our client’s business by establishing ourselves as:

Return & Repair Center Customer Service  / Center Asset Recovery / Recycling Center / Research and Development Center / Full Refurbishment / Packing Solutions / Component Level Repair / Plug & Play Testing / Triaging NDF vs Defective Goods

Parts Reclamation and Recycling

  • LCD Reclamation
  • Component Level Repair (Board)
  • Cosmetic Parts Recycling
  • Accessories
  • Earth Friendly Recycling Program

Warranty and Field Service

  • Warranty Repairs : In/Out Warranty
  • On Site Field Repair : Repair all Consumer Electronics
  • Products
  • Provide 3rd party warranty claims & Triage Field Repair : 1-800 for warranty service or RMA support, schedule ASC for field repair


  • Returns Management
  • Fulfillment
  • Parts Management
  • Warehousing

Procurement and Sales Marketing

  • Buy AS-IS Goods
  • Monetize Salvage Goods
  • Purchase End of Life Models, Closeouts
  • Distribution to Secondary Markets
  • Inventory Management

Warehousing/Reverse Logistics Solution

  • Warehousing/Distribution
  • Test/QC Screening
  • Packaging/Kitting/De-Kitting
  • WMS Design/Customization
  • Small Package Shipping & Consolidation

Our Unique Process - How It Helps You

Our innovative, proven “Stack and Flow” process is the foundation of Techeim Group. This process was developed over more than a decade of experience in the telecommunications industry. It enables us to provide a wide range of services for the wireless environment. In the wireless industry, high-quality service is standard. Wireless carriers expect perfection in both quality and turnaround time. To meet these requirements, we must be able to support multiple services in one location. To serve you better, we are committed to continuously improving our process and exceed our client expectations.

Quality Control

  • Techeim Inc. has a three-tier quality verification process
  • Our company was built on quality, and we continue to focus on continued improvement


  • Spare parts reclamation
  • Techeim recycles every possible part